most profitable forex scalping strategy

 Today, there are many different strategies, tactics, and techniques to profit and increase the skills of traders. But to determine a profitable Forex is not such a simple strategy. Due to time and the flow of all vital processes to traders, there is a need for periodic adjustment work out regularly. It is no secret that the high volatility of the trend line is not so important to enter the market, it is only important the intensity of price movements.

most profitable forex scalping strategy


Trend or depends on the direction of price movement.

Reversal of trends in different aggressive market entries. Teachers open positions both at the top of the cost, and at the bottom, so they work against the prevailing trend, which carries huge risks of losing deposits, but in the case of early entry - and much higher returns than with a balanced approach.

Feltovich or side strategy that takes into account the width of the channel price. Strategy and tactics - is the process of combining knowledge and skills in a single system that will bring positive results and most importantly, profit. Consequently, the types of strategy are about as long as there are traders.


Strategic use of pending commands (commands in the trading system to perform a specific action), as follows. In this project, there are different time intervals, starting with a five-minute walk, and the tools for trading.

the most profitable forex strategy

The following indicators are used in this strategy:


The moving average, with a duration of 21 simple methods is applied in closed prices and in blue.

Moving average, lasting 120 simple methods are applied to the closing prices by the red style.

Since there was an intersection of the moving average lines, and a fractal appeared at the local end, it is possible to place an order pending, depending on the direction of the intersection. down the Crosshair brand is to buy, and the bottom-up - for sale. To reduce losses, you should install a stop-loss immediately after opening a position. This orders for the broker to close the deal upon reaching this mark. Stop-loss is set based on the opening agreement. It can be either a sliding red or a fractal.

most profitable forex scalping strategy


Strategic use of Haikin Asi MA or the so-called piping. In this sense, it involves a series of open position magazines, with a minimum profit of about 2-5 points, which is traded for a short period of time using the trend. This is the most profitable simple forex strategy, which is often used by beginners. The essence of this system is that you can close the position with the profit side, subject to the right to enter the market. For each individual transaction, income may be small, but as a result, the end of the trading activity can get quite an impressive amount, with minimal risk.

profitable forex trading strategy

This strategy works for fifteen minutes and thirty-minute intervals. Uses the following indicators:

HeikenAshiMA, which depending on the direction of the trend can change the colored lines in the price chart.

Moving Average (EMA) with a period of 5, with an exponential method, applied to close and painted white.

Moving Average (EMA) with a period of 12, with an exponential method applied to open and blush.

Moving Average (LWMA) with a period of 55, with a linearly weighted method and colored yellow.

Example: opening a position in the Market (or selling). That is why it is necessary that the colored lines turn blue using HeikenAshiMA. Next, be sure to intersect the two moving averages with periods of 5 and 12. In this case, the white light should be above the red, and the value is specified in the histogram and the value is above the moving averages cross. So PriceChannelStop should be below the blue lines and green. Function for sale (or sale) open in the same pattern, only upside down.

The LWMA indicator of the slowdown of this strategy is the determining factor of the trend prevailing in the chart at the desired time for bidding. Stop-loss is set at 20 pips below the moving red, sometimes taken with a margin of 2-3 points. Take-profit is also set at 20 times the minimum price deviation may be a little higher, it all depends on the chosen tactics of the trader.


If we are talking about whether there is the most profitable Forex trading strategies, then this strategy fully meets this requirement. It is not complicated by a large number of different indicators used, as a rule, only for the time period, and you can use it to trade within the day and the average.

Easy profitable forex strategy

The following indicators are used in the context of the indicators:

Moving Average (MA) with a period of 120, simple method applicable to closing prices (address near e-) and red style.

Moving Average (MA) with period 55, a simple method applied to close prices (address near e-) and yellow style.

Moving Average (MA) with a period of 5 exponential methods is applied in closed prices (closing) and the green style.

Moving average (MA) with a period of 24, an exponential method is applied in high (high) and low cost (low) and blue style.

MACD Oscillator with periods 18, 24, and 52.

For example, to open the marketplace, it is necessary that the moving instruments were made according to the color sequence on the lantern (either red, yellow, green, or green, yellow, red). A blue histogram MACD oscillator should be above the red moving average, which is the signal line. To open a place for sale all the way around.

This strategy only works on-trend. At the level, everything is moving on the cross, and these signals are ignored, ignored. Consequently, trade does not take place. The stops at 5% of the deposit size and higher profit can be doubled.

This term comes from the verb "scalp", which means scalp. In the foreign exchange market, the "head" is the local and daily extremes, from which the income is generated.

most profitable forex scalping strategy


The most profitable forex trading strategy

Given all the lucrative forex strategies, this is the most difficult for the technical side and the emotional state of the trader. With this system, you need to have the ability to make quick decisions in stressful situations, follow market psychology and have tough self-control. Important here is the principle of operation: entry, fast profit, timely exit.

Forex's most profitable scalping strategy has huge potential estimated profits. As a rule, the leg is not installed due to the fact that they lose the recognized trades and closed almost immediately after their discovery.

trading is done during the day often with the use of daily maximum and minimum breakdowns. There is also the concept of allocating the meeting. Regular scalping does not provide for the use of technical indicators, however, it can be adjusted to determine the direction of movement or for a better understanding of the price chart. Charts are based on currency, preferably short intervals (M5, M15, M30).

Considering the many Forex strategies - profitable day - among which is scalping and scalping as the most effective and safe trading methods.


This is one of the simplest trading strategies based on two indicators:

Simple Moving Average (SMA) with a period of 21 is applied at closed prices.

Oscillation with fast - For 5%, slow - D 3% and deceleration periods - 3.

Used daily for a period of time. The sign for opening positions in the buying price is the position of the chart above the moving average, and vice versa for the trades for sale. In this case, the oscillator should give the filter a signal that the intersection of the lines is going to happen or from top to bottom, which is a signal to buy, or from bottom to top - for sale.

To open a transaction, you must meet the following criteria:

Adjust or two near the moving average or bar suppositories to be arranged on one side of the midline. But candles can be placed on the opposite side of the other. For example, the body on one side of the midline, and minimum or maximum where the second candle is set.

Trigger, that is, closing the day lower than the minimum value for the previous negative positions, and for much - above the maximum reading.

Activation signal, which allows thoughtful oscillator.


Based on graphic patterns, which are used in combination with horizontal layers. It is characterized by the fact that the technical indicators are not applied.


It takes place every day in the daily time period. They can be used with mobile media of parameters 10 and 200, as well as conspiring horizontal lines. A signal to the opening position will be the rejection of these lines. The recovery from the support level - a market signal with resistance - is for sale.


Very profitable Forex strategy I can rightly imagine this channel trading strategy. Its potential gain can exceed the loss of 3 or even 5 times. The system operates using mobile media (EMA) with a period of 5 until the closing of the Low (High) and High (High) values. The resulting configured price channel through which the open positions filter. For negative positions, the black candle is closed inside the price channel, with its opening should be outside. For long positions closed white candles should also be made inside the canal, and its discovery - to be below its limits. At the opposite signal, it is activated to close all positions and exit the market.


All of the above tactics and trading methods are considered to be the most profitable forex strategy, but it all depends on the preferences of the trader. To do this, you need to determine the exact time of a trading, more active and less aggressive session, as well as understand which indicators are more understandable and more effective. If these and other conditions are met, then you will develop the most profitable Forex strategy that is specific to any master or novice speculator.

Choosing and shaping a trading strategy should use an intuitive approach when dealing with its use should be present comfort and some confidence in profits.


In the foreign exchange market, the super-profitable strategy can be created by any entrepreneur, for whom it will be quite profitable and reliable. There is some truth that the ideal strategy - is one that was created taking into account the particular characteristics of the master merchants, his knowledge, skills, and stability of the nervous system.

All profitable Forex strategies must be controlled by the trader to determine the appropriate and safest point of view.

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